Spam and virus filtering service

Spam emails fill our boxes and deliver viruses. Masses of spam use lots of server resources, slow down systems and steal our time. Spam filtering gives instant cost efficiency when the time is used for better purposes.

Filtering saves money and gives time to work

Some say that over half of email traffic is spam. It takes a lot of time and effort to go over all that traffic and delete all those messages. They also deliver viruses and harmful software which can make a lot of damage. Filtering saves time and data.

Over 96% accuracy

As spam and virus emails vary, it is not possible to recognize all of them automatically but we can delete most of them. Our service scans all emails and their attachments using several different methods and stop emails that contain viruses and spy software. Normal email is not slowed down at all.

Our system supports encrypted data, so if both sending and receiving service support it, the message delivery is encrypted all the way. If the system cannot deliver the message instantly, it delivers it to client's secondary post service address. At Easylinehost this secondary delivery is repeated for a 12-day period, if the message receiver server is not available at the time.

Easy installation

For filtering you only need your domain address. The email boxes can be hosted by Easylinehost, other operator or client server. Filtering applies all domain email addresses. No changes are needed for email settings and you don’t need to install any software for filtering service.

Price list

Opening fee 0 €
9 € / month (includes filtering for 5 email boxes)
Extra email boxes +1.22 € /box /month
Weekly report for each domain via email 7 € /month

Invoice period 12 months
VAT 24% included in price

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