DataInSafe - remote backup service

Have you backed up your computers and servers? Backing up your data is the best way to protect against losing it. Losing your data is a serious risk and it often has severe consequences. What more reason do you need for protecting your data from unexpected events?

We offer you a convenient solution for backing up your files. Our service backs up the data stored on your workstations and servers. The backed-up files are encrypted and stored in a bank vault in Finland.

By installing our backup software, you can restore your data on any computer anywhere in the world. Your files will always be only a few clicks away and can be restored in the blink of an eye.

The service is easy to use and does not require special training. After installing the software, your files will be backed up automatically without you even noticing it.

DataInSafe monitoring and usability service

Our monitoring service helps you run your daily operations smoothly. Using the service is easy thanks to its intuitive alerts, lists and graphs.

A proactive approach to problems

A critical system crash can bring your business to a halt and cost you thousands of euros. With our monitoring service you can prevent problems from arising in the first place, while improving the security of your services as the monitoring service will alert you of missing security updates.

DataInSafe monitoring service keeps you updated on the system operations 24 hours a day, and creates event logs for certain time frames to help you plan for the future. The logs also reveal the service runtime, downtime and response times. Response time reveals details such as how long it takes for a website to load or for a database server to respond to a request. The monitoring service is recommended for any enterprise that wants to ensure that their or their clients' operations run smoothly.

Diverse features

The monitoring service is set up with custom parameters, which are used to determine the alerts. For example, the service can alert you about low disk space when 80% of your disk space has been filled, leaving you plenty of time to take preventative measures. The alerts are issued either via email or SMS. A range of graphs helps you identify deviations in any system operations that do not trigger the automatic alert system, such as fluctuations in website traffic loads.

With DataInSafe you can monitor:

  • disk space
  • memory usage
  • processor load
  • log files
  • network load
  • several TCP/UDP/ICMP services (http, smtp, imap, pop, ping etc.)
  • service response times (website, database, email etc.)
  • security updates

The monitoring is performed by SNMP queries or an agent installed in the device. Your server can be located anywhere in the world. We can monitor both virtual and physical devices, including cloud services.