Flexible approach to file sharing

Remository is a versatile file management solution for your company. The software allows you to save, arrange and share large files and folders with your employees, partners and customers. You don't need to worry about email attachment size limits any more. The file management system is available via internet and you only need an internet browser to use it. You don't need to install any new software on your computer.

You transfer files and folders to and from your computer, using easy-to-use user interface. If you choose to, you get an email notification every time there is a transfer or update in the folders you administrate.

User rights to each folder or file are limited to the allowed users only and you can administer these rights freely. This way you can manage who can access, change, copy or save the files. By creating user groups you can share folders easily to large group and for instance share new price list or conference meeting with your colleagues. It is also possible to make notes and comments, update document versions, or configure permissions for the files.

You can have the remository software either on your own virtual server or on a shared virtual server. The data security is very high on virtual servers. Your own virtual server is completely isolated from the other server data and only at your personal use.

Data virtual server includes:

  • Hard-disk space of 20 GB HDD
  • Fixed public IP address
  • Geotrust SSL-certificate (https), Automatic forwarding to protected site
  • Internet bandwidth 10mb (Domestic and foreign)
  • Firewall service
  • Daily data backup service
  • Monitoring
  • Security updates

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