eCommerce easily

Our web store solutions are safe, modern, easy to use and suitable for all purposes. Updates will be installed automatically.

Webstore communicates with all favorite Finnish ePayment methods and card payment methods. Store has, for instance, shopping cart, order management system, control panel, account register, search engine and other features. Use control panel to update products, categories and manage order status.

Web hosting and web store together include:

  • Home page space and email
  • eCommerce sofware
  • Software installation
  • Layout design and installation to web store

Does your old web store need update?

We can use your old database and transfer it to new, safe environment (service available for MySQL database systems).

Web store to your existing home page?

You can order web store to your existing home page and we install the store layout to your style. If the server is not from us, we cannot provide maintenance or updates for one time installation.

We are happy to give more information, just send email to