Authenticated SMTP
(Sendmail server)

Authenticated SMTP service enables sending email on any operator's network without adjusting the email program's outgoing server options. This is particularly convenient while travelling and using various gprs, 3G or WLAN networks.

Authenticated email service improves outgoing mail speed and reliability also in regular and mailing list usage (customer notification letters and group mails), because the major operators may occasionally have congested email traffic. Authenticated SMTP service is customer-specific and as many as 50 users from the same domain can utilize the service simultaneously. SSL encryption is also enabled.

As an alternative, Easylinehost offers you virtual server, plus personal IP address for email traffic. We adjust and maintain all necessary options for you.

Authenticated SMTP and virtual server services are available for all your email accounts and domains.

Price list

  • Authenticated SMTP Service (max 50 users / domain) 7 € per month
  • Authenticated SMTP with virtual server (max 250 users / domain) 23 € per month

Invoice period 12 months
VAT 24% included in price

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